Brief introduction

In the essence of ¨Música del Cielo¨, order and melodies full of Love and Peace live; in their aesthetic intelligent form make us live in harmony with the Whole. It is a musical master piece of great purity that has always been present in the Universe, waiting to be discovered and understood by a willing mind.

Graciela Murano ¨s magnificent interpretation in the execution of her own masterpiece is well known, her precise piano interpretation is of a great sonorous quality and natural musicianship.

This paramount master piece connects us with nature, the planet, and the cosmos establishing a link with the Sacred Music of the Spheres.

This music that we denominate ¨intelligent¨ is of great help in every area of science. It is a true vital alchemy that acts upon the three fields of mayor energy: mindbody and spirit.

The beauty of this musical phenomenon is related to the generosity of Creation, it turns men into good people and releases emotions. It brings us closer to a new form of life, in the belief of a superior order that allows the foundation of a better world through the achievement of self realization.

A heart that is thirsty for life will be able to incorporate these divine sounds, to transcend beyond matter.

Música del Cielo offers itself as an instrument to reach, in the plenitude of its development, the abandonment of any negative feeling, enabling the discovery of the internal unlimited cosmic space where pure sounds exalt the spirit of each being.

Música del Cielo and Spirituality


Música del Cielo offers itself as a paramount tool to reach inner harmony which leads us to wisdom and transcendence.

This music is a source of inspiration, it is art that moves us and transports us to a universe of sensation, it is essential for the human being and his personal development.

The sound of love, which is faster than the seed of light, along with the speed of vibration turn into the quantum strength called ¨Sonic therapy of Love¨

Due to the high indices of introspection reached at the time of listening to this music, a person is able to understand that true happiness does not come from the exterior; it comes from the being by finding the strength and contributing to the healing of all levels ( body, mind and spirit)

It has been well stated all the advantages that this music provides to the spiritual life, but these become even greater when Música del Cielo is included in every activity, bringing individual and group benefits.

  • This music creates a state of introspection that is necessary to reach spiritual plenitude.

  • It achieves a greater capacity of concentration, intuition and it helps to release the purest feelings.

  • It helps to achieve a positive mood and to feel well with ourselves. It increases self steam.

  • It induces relaxation.

  • It reduces the levels of stress and regulates emotions.

  • It promotes the development of consciousness.

  • It leads to deep inner peace.


The benefits provided by Música del Cielo have been verified by many professionals from different areas. Here are some of those testimonies from professionals that have incorporated this master piece as a working tool.

Claudia Acosta

Yoga instructor

While I was listening to these beautiful melodies for the soul, I felt the need to stay without moving and to put myself in the meditation position. At the very moment of listening to this music, it is felt in the chest, more precisely in the heart.

The external stimuli disappear quickly and I could enter inside myself without difficulties.

At the end, a sensation of happiness was left inside of me and the need to share this music with everyone.

Victoria Franz

Integral Sound Therapist

I felt happy, secure and in peace. I felt very conscious. Graciela´s music generates a clear conscience of the present. It transmits protection and sweetness as if I have been listening to a child´s melody. The rhythm of this music does not startle, in fact it generates plenitude and harmony, and it gives the impression of two pianos playing.

I felt the need to remain in silence. It was not easy for me to talk; in fact I would have avoided talking if I had been able to.

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