Brief introduction

In the essence of ¨Música del Cielo¨, order and melodies full of Love and Peace live; in their aesthetic intelligent form make us live in harmony with the Whole. It is a musical master piece of great purity that has always been present in the Universe, waiting to be discovered and understood by a willing mind.

Graciela Murano ¨s magnificent interpretation in the execution of her own masterpiece is well known, her precise piano interpretation is of a great sonorous quality and natural musicianship.

This paramount master piece connects us with nature, the planet, and the cosmos establishing a link with the Sacred Music of the Spheres.

This music that we denominate ¨intelligent¨ is of great help in every area of science. It is a true vital alchemy that acts upon the three fields of mayor energy: mindbody and spirit.

The beauty of this musical phenomenon is related to the generosity of Creation, it turns men into good people and releases emotions. It brings us closer to a new form of life, in the belief of a superior order that allows the foundation of a better world through the achievement of self realization.

A heart that is thirsty for life will be able to incorporate these divine sounds, to transcend beyond matter.

Música del Cielo offers itself as an instrument to reach, in the plenitude of its development, the abandonment of any negative feeling, enabling the discovery of the internal unlimited cosmic space where pure sounds exalt the spirit of each being.

Música del Cielo and Health


Many tests have been done in multiple areas of health using this music ¨s essential connotation as a therapeutic music.

An optimum behaviour has been observed in the use of Música del Cielo as a complement in treatments of several diseases. Moreover it has contributed to establish biological parameters of the body such as: blood pressure, heart rate, moods, pain threshold, stress and sleep states.

The bond between music and medicine is very old, it is frequently healing and it dates before Pythagoras¨ time. The kind of music that had these characteristics was admired and it was called ¨Soul ¨s purification¨.
Música del Cielo inhibits the speed with which the cells wear produces, acts upon the apotheosis of life and it orders the vibrations of the vital torrent.

This music is our possibility of saving ourselves from diseases; it is the opportunity to be able to heal our organs and to have a new chance of being born again…. and this can always happen if we let its musical notes and sounds go inside our hearts, the unique place where love transcends.

  • This music has a beneficial effect on babies, it helps them to grow healthier and stronger; moreover it allows them to reinforce the bond that they have with the exterior world.
  • It favours the psychomotor development: motor coordination and eye-motor, motor regulation, balance, march, etc.
  • It betters the psycho physiological functions like the breathing and cardiac rhythm and it re-establishes the biological rhythms.
  • It increases the physical resistance.
  • It relieves the levels of tension, anxiety and stress.
  • It reduces rapidly the symptoms of depression.
  • It induces the organism to relax and to calm ailments like migraines or pains in different parts of the body.
  • It increases the release of serotonin that is known to be the happiness hormone producing a pleasant effect and optimism to the ones that are listening to this music.


The benefits provided by Música del Cielo have been verified by many professionals from different areas. Here are some of those testimonies from professionals that have incorporated this master piece as a working tool.

Dra. Margot Guerisoli

Clinical Doctor

Música del Cielo produces on my patients a sensation of inner peace, tranquillity and relaxation that leads to positive life changes from that moment and with a projection to the future.

I am going to exemplify with the following clinical exam: Patient: age 78 V.N, presents A.C.V (Cardio vascular accident) with episodes of fever; apart from his specific treatment, he also took psycho pharmaceuticals to be able to rest at night. By listening to this music, he is able to sleep normally without the need to take pills. He achieves a state of well being and tranquillity that he hasn’t experienced for a long time.

Martha Giménez Torres

Civil Association DITEC, Uruguay

The performance of Música del Cielo was very memorable for us. Everything has seemed to be like a dream. With the opportunity to know this art that is given to the people with disabilities, this artist showed her incredible capacity and infinite sensibility to get to them. Sitting next to me, there was a person with bilateral hearing loss, but in that very moment he was completely absorbed by this music.

We work with people who are blind, people with low vision range and with deaf people. In the particular case of the people with low vision range, other disabilities are connected such as: schizophrenia, autism, etc. I played the CD during the computer workshop and we achieved an exceptional level of concentration.

We were very pleased; it was the best concert we saw in our lives. Thanks for everything.

Laura Villarreal

Speech Therapist, Santojanni Hospital

It is my intention to make each of my patients listen to this music. Actually, I can not stop thinking about the great amount of benefits it provides. It is a truly significant master piece, which makes life be worth living.

Lic. Marco A. Castro

Centre of psychiatric rehabilitation of the Hospital in Rivera, Uruguay

It has been a short period of time since I have been working with this music. I started to use it at the hospital, specifically with the therapeutic groups in the psychiatric ward. The majority of them suffer from schizophrenia and personality disorders. Firstly, I try to establish a link between them and the melodies; and then I stimulate them to show their feelings expressing themselves in the way they choose. The outcome is highly positive because by listening t this music, we could generate a space of reunion where we shared sensations and emotions. In this was the patient succeeds, along with the rest of the group, in developing and building certain aspects of their personalities that are sometimes forgotten and almost always fragmented.

I consider Música del Cielo a tool that is capable of lighting the depth of the human soul and it helps us chase our goals of achieving a better quality of life of those people that come to us needing our service.

Dr. Rubén Mühlberger


I can affirm from my medical point of view, that Música del Cielo that was created by Graciela is the unique opportunity to re establish the vital energy of Love itself and of our immortal genome.

This music is beneficial in the case of: states of weakness, chronic fatigue, chronic pains, stress, pre menstrual tension, infertility and also glandular diseases that alter the biorhythm and insomnia. Moreover it has a positive impact in anti- aging treatments and preventive medicine. In the fields of Paediatrics and Neonatal care, this music is highly beneficial to treat hormonal and growth disorders.

With patients that suffer from mental syndromes of anxiety, anguish, eating disorders; we use this music as a tool to help them. In the case of geriatric care and medicine, this music regenerates the neural metabolism and increases the cognitive activity and the most precise characteristic is that this music reverses the early cellular aging. In the field of regenerative medicine and in the cases of surgery, this music shortens the moments of convalescence and diminishes the complication post surgery.

In the case of oncology, this music is very useful because it activates the immunological defensive system , adapting the patient for chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments avoiding or diminishing the collateral effects that are produced during these procedures.

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