Brief introduction

In the essence of ¨Música del Cielo¨, order and melodies full of Love and Peace live; in their aesthetic intelligent form make us live in harmony with the Whole. It is a musical master piece of great purity that has always been present in the Universe, waiting to be discovered and understood by a willing mind.

Graciela Murano ¨s magnificent interpretation in the execution of her own masterpiece is well known, her precise piano interpretation is of a great sonorous quality and natural musicianship.

This paramount master piece connects us with nature, the planet, and the cosmos establishing a link with the Sacred Music of the Spheres.

This music that we denominate ¨intelligent¨ is of great help in every area of science. It is a true vital alchemy that acts upon the three fields of mayor energy: mindbody and spirit.

The beauty of this musical phenomenon is related to the generosity of Creation, it turns men into good people and releases emotions. It brings us closer to a new form of life, in the belief of a superior order that allows the foundation of a better world through the achievement of self realization.

A heart that is thirsty for life will be able to incorporate these divine sounds, to transcend beyond matter.

Música del Cielo offers itself as an instrument to reach, in the plenitude of its development, the abandonment of any negative feeling, enabling the discovery of the internal unlimited cosmic space where pure sounds exalt the spirit of each being.

Música del Cielo and Education


The C.O.M.F.E.R has sent our first CD to the Border Radio Schools that depend upon the Ministry of Education of the Nation, with the idea of providing the needy children with the possibility to be delighted by this beautiful music. Multiple tests have been done in the fields of health and education, because of its essential characteristic as a therapeutic music; it is a paramount instrument in the teaching – learning process of each student.

This master piece that was composed by Graciela Murano is an important educational tool, it stimulates the mind, creativity and it helps to establish the bases for the learning process which leads to a greater intelligence and a better aptitude for learning.

  • This music betters the attention and the concentration.

  • It stimulates communication and language.

  • It promotes socialization , optimizes the abilities to relate with other people.

  • It increases the abilities to express thoughts and feelings.

  • It develops creativity and stimulates infants imagination, improving the skill to do any artistic activity.

  • It increases confidence and emotional security by being in a climate of harmony.

  • It increases self esteem and personal maturity.

  • By listening to Música del Cielo, greater efficiency in the learning process can be achieved.

  • It enriches the intellectual ability of each student.


The benefits provided by Música del Cielo have been verified by many professionals from different areas. Here are some of those testimonies from professionals that have incorporated this master piece as a working tool.

Leading team of teachers and students

Escuela Municipal N15, CABA

“We find valuable your cultural collaboration when we immerse ourselves in different parameters that this music projects. We are sure that its input will benefit all students from different cultures and life styles, contributing to the creation of a climate of spiritual joy that will reach every home.”

Martha Giménez Torres

Civil Association DITEC, Uruguay

The performance of Música del Cielo was very memorable for us. Everything has seemed to be like a dream. With the opportunity to know this art that is given to the people with disabilities, this artist showed her incredible capacity and infinite sensibility to get to them. Sitting next to me, there was a person with bilateral hearing loss, but in that very moment he was completely absorbed by this music.

TWe work with people who are blind, people with low vision range and with deaf people. In the particular case of the people with low vision range, other disabilities are connected such as: schizophrenia, autism, etc. I played the CD during the computer workshop and we achieved an exceptional level of concentration.

We were very pleased; it was the best concert we saw in our lives. Thanks for everything.

Teacher Mary E. Blanco

QUELAVI Centre in Montevideo, Uruguay

“I work in the craft workshop in the QUELAVI Centre where young people who have different pathologies attend. I want to tell my experience while using this music. Music from Heaven allows some of those youngsters to focus more on the activities that they are doing. Moreover, they are even calmer.

I also wanted to thank for the material that was given to me to be used in the¨ Patronato del Psicopata¨ workshop that depends upon the Dpto. Of Flores. It was listened by not only the patients that attend to my workshop but also by all the patients from all workshops. They said that they felt inner peace, tranquillity, transportation and tenderness. Because of this, I believe that this music can be perfectly recommended; moreover we will use it on daily basis.”

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