Música del Cielo II – Piano

Mar Celeste – Obra Nº 3

Obra Nº 4

Obra Nº 5

1. Mar Celeste – Obra Nº 3

It was composed in January 2000. This piece is of a beautiful interior force. It begins with delicate sounds that express the clear atmosphere of a sweet and calm morning. In this way, it exposes the strength and intensity of beauty in this first piece of work.
Three well defined tracks can be easily distinguished. They express purity, joy, nobility and peace of soul in unity with nature. They always emphasize in those harmonious melodies, the virtuous essence that transfers, because of its sonorous manifestation, the content of this work.

2. Obra Nº 4

The sublime nature of the soul expresses the joy of the spirit, that lasts through out this piece showing a sweet and interior peace. This is clearly sustained in these harmonies and melodies that are wonderfully shaped during the exposure of its development.
The characteristic essence of this music is inspired in the reviving frequency of love, poetically performed with phrases of crystalline and tenuous sounds of special delight for the soul.

3. Obra Nº 5

This piece of work calls us through the first track of brilliant joy to a gradual introspection where the spirit succeeds in expressing, with consummated performance, peace and reflexion in a permanent dialogue. It softly finalizes with melodies of singular beauty and shining spiritual maturity.