Música del Cielo I – Piano


Obra No. 1

Obra No. 2

1 – Apertura

The introduction starts with harmonious and expectant sounds to approach the first track of special interior force. The second track transmits a peaceful atmosphere and joy to the spirit, that after its development, it ends with sweet and harmonious arpeggios.

2 – “Obra N°1”

The first notes announce the re-birth of a beautiful day that through an expressive discourse, expose this track culminating in a delicate “crescendo”. In the second and third tracks, the complete essence of nature is expressed by simple sounds of a deep sonorous volume that announces the final “coda” and the expectation of the beginning of a new day.

3 – “Obra N°2”

Its sweet and angelical beginning shows that the beautiful and simple introduction is exposed with subtle sounds leading to the first track of a joyful and fortunate character. The following tracks express an internal dialogue of delicate and special melodies that transfer a subtle calmness showing the living nature’s force, to end in the last track with a “coda” of singular beauty; an intimate and deep dialogue of gratitude to life, through delicate arpeggios, concludes the piece.

These first three master pieces started to be written in 1997 and they were finished in the beginning of 1999.