Dulces Armonías – Piano | Chamber Music





DOUBLE DS – Vol. III: Piano / Vol. IV: Chamber Music

1. Recordando

The introduction indicates the returning of the being into the maternal womb. Since birth, taking the melody “Arrorro” (a well- known song) as a reference, a series of tracks perfectly connected in a manner of continuity with special delicacy, develops allowing melodies whose essence transfer sweetness, serenity and comfort to culminate auspiciously with the inexhaustible strength that Life gives.

2. Plenitud

The peaceable intimate Love and the beautiful gratefulness of the sounds strengthen the beginning of the first year of existence that is lightened by the light and the peace coming from the heart of the mother who receives and prompts the being. Through the kind and brilliant presence of the Father who makes a virtuous labor to project a noble world based on the Light and Love.

3. Ternura

It contains a singular sweetness and tenderness, clearly portrayed in the melodic discourse expressed with specific precision and maturity through profound sounds of sublime nature that come from the heart, in harmonious calm and peace. It caresses the soul and takes us to an interior world of spiritual unity and integrity in the most clear and splendorous flow of the existence.

4. Alegría

In the beginning of this work, the gestation of the sacred encounter of Love in its holly strength and joy begins. The Serenity, Grace and Well- being of the spirit that renews the sublime harmony of the life is expressed poetically and angelically in the purity of the essence of each track. In the re-exposition, the continuous joy that will last in the being’s shinning spirit manifests nourishing and accompanying him for ever.


  • Piano: Graciela Murano
  • First Violin: Silvio Murano
  • Second Violin: Enrique Mogni
  • Viola: Pablo Clavijo
  • Violoncello: Ana Faingerch
  • Contrabass: Osvaldo Gurksnis
  • Flute: Raul Becerra
  • Oboe: Christian Cocchiararo
  • Clarinet: Matias Tchicourel
  • French Corn: Gaston Frosio
  • Bassoon: Daniel La Rocca