Trinitaria Armonía 1er. Mov.

Trinitaria Armonía 2do. Mov.

Trinitaria Armonía 3er. Mov.

1. Despertar (It is interpreted by the quintet of strings along with the piano) (**)

It begins with the calling of the heart. This feeling starts to grow joyfully in order to become a jubilant manifestation of love. While listening to this music, an encounter of hearts is produced giving an indescribable feeling of joy. These sweet melodies also lead to a profound unity of the mind and the spirit that are willing to receive the betterment of soul. It is nourished by the lively sounds that renew the commitment with Life characterized to be full of grace and harmony. In this way, the sublime energy exalts Love.

2. Ternura (quintet of strings accompanied by the piano) (**)

It contains a singular sweetness and tenderness, clearly portrayed in the melodic discourse. This is expressed with specific precision and maturity through profound sounds of sublime nature that come from the heart, in harmonious calm and peace, caress the soul and take us to an interior world of spiritual unity and integrity in the most clear and splendorous flow of the existence.

3. Recordando… (Ensemble) (*)

The introduction indicates the birth of the being. Taking as reference the melody of “Arrorro” (popular song), there is a development of a series of melodies continuously connected and of special delicacy whose essence transfers sweetness, serenity, well being to culminate successfully with the strength of Love that Life gives us.

4. Trinitaria Armonía (Ensemble) (*)

This master peace is made up of three movements. In the first movement, the amplitude and the strength of nature is perceived in its harmony with the spirit of the living being. This continues in the second movement that denotes intimacy, calmness and peace in a more intimate and expressive dialogue. The third movement is the rejoicing of the spirit. The discourse of this master piece with its cadency of the piano is made up of sweet and lively melodies which conclude in an auspicious ending.


  • Piano: Graciela Murano
  • First Violin: Silvio Murano
  • Second Violin: Enrique Mogni
  • Viola: Pablo Clavijo (*) / Emilio Astolfi (**)
  • Violoncello: Ana Faingerch
  • Flute: Raul Becerra
  • Oboe: Christian Cocchiararo
  • Clarinet: Matias Tchicourel
  • French Corn: Gaston Frosio
  • Bassoon: Daniel La Rocca