Sonic Geometry

Roberto Pérez Marmo

“Música el Cielo” has been created according to the highest concept of art for the entire world answering to the demands of this particular historic reality that we are submerged. This music provides those rigid paradigms that are required to transcend.This music of great purity and virtue is free from modalities and dogmas. This musical genre is created within a cosmological order which respects the geometric forms with its adequate sounds, its sonic frequencies and its rhythmic waves.

It is based on the harmonic properties of the lively sound and on the freedom of the creative expression of the artist.

The energetic fields of the human being vibrate within an integral structure of sounds, chords and harmonic consonants. Every vibration has incidence in the harmony of the air, in the luminous glare where life assumes its precious reality.

A sound, whose spiritual content is of singular purity, transfers the essence of Love. The conception of each melody, with its harmonies, revitalizes the potential substance of the cell, its frequency and its vibration.
Nature expands itself among colour, the sound and its most gracious geometric forms with its virtuous feeling and its own identity; like every existing manifestation and its thoughts.

“Música del Cielo” presents itself as a new expression within the universal art of language which has surprising results. It announces with excellent auguries a better and more peaceful world. Every person who can see through the eyes of his soul and can listen to this music carefully will experience a deep emotion in his heart and in his thoughts.

Light and Sound are, in essence, the Creation of the Universe, the key of the Perfect Sacred Geometry, Endless and Immortal.

A New Music elevates us in harmony with the whole.
Listen to this music, hear it, and receive it in your heart.

Music Concept

Roberto Pérez Marmo