Graciela Murano


She was born in Argentina. She began her piano studies with Antonio De Raco, Aldo Antognazzi and Edith Murano. She specialized in chamber music with the piano player Alicia Belleville, in master classes with Silvia Kersenbaum and in harmony and composition with Guillermo Scarabino. In Europe, she attended to several seminaries of pianist perfection with Edith Murano and Edith Fisher. She performed in the celebration of the anniversary in Geneva, Switzerland and she also played the piano in Spain and Italy. In Argentina she performed in several concerts accompanied by an orchestra, in recitals as soloist and as a chamber pianist in different cities of the country and in the capital.

In the year 1999, she recorded her first CD “Music from Heaven I” being both the composer and the interpreter. Since the year of 2005 till nowadays, she has been recording her own master pieces: “Music from Heaven II” for piano, “Music from Heaven- Sweet Harmonies” for piano and chamber music and another version of “Aurora, the flag’s song” for piano in a classical version. In 2009, she edited her fifth record “Music from Heaven, Love Key” for chamber musicians.

In the year 2010 , the composer concluded her discography work in which  lyrics and songs of her own authorship were included . It was compiled in a double album called ¨ Light of the East”. The sixth CD was thought for a soloist interpreter accompanied by the string quintet, the piano and percussion. Graciela Murano reiterates the successful format while composing songs of an incredible spiritual depth for her album “ Vuelve” which was released at the end of 2013. In 2015, she finishes “ Memoria del Corazon”. This CD categorically reaffirms the effect “ Musica del Cielo”, true purification of the soul.


These master pieces are sponsored by the “General Direction of Cultural Affaires” of the Argentinean Chancellorship, by the “Ministry of Education” Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the Argentinean Nation, by the “Ministries of Culture” of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the Argentinean Nation and by the “Ministry of Education and Culture” of the Uruguayan Republic.

Several concerts of “Music from Heaven” were given in theatres and other places such as: the “ Municipal Theatre of Bahía Blanca”, “The National Basilica of Lujan”, “The Popular Library” of Chivilcoy, “ Official Theatre – Juan de Vera” in Corrientes- Province of Corrientes declared to be of Municipal and Provincial interest, “Círcolo Italiano”, “Classical Radio National ” and the “University of Law”, in the tower of communication of Antel in Montevideo (Uruguay) and in the Cathedral of Saint Joseph (Uruguay), in the ND ATENEO theatre, R. Funke theatre in Tornquist ( Buenos Aires), Avenida Theatre in C.A.B.A, Borges Cultural Centre, Colon Theatre, the Auditorium in Mar del Plata and in the Cathedral in Bariloche.

Música del Cielo offers itself as an instrument to reach, in the plenitude of its development, the abandonment of any negative feeling, enabling the discovery of the internal unlimited cosmic space where pure sounds exalt the spirit of each being.

The C.O.M.F.E.R has sent our first CD to the Border Radio Schools that depend upon the Ministry of Education of the Nation, with the idea of providing the needy children with the possibility to be delighted by this beautiful music.

Graciela Murano ¨s magnificent interpretation in the execution of her own masterpiece is well known, her precise piano interpretation is of a great sonorous quality and natural musicianship.